Sudbury Court Drive | Proposed Safety Improvement Measures

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Added by Sylvia Gauthereau

Over a three year recommended study period, 12 collisions have taken place causing 17 personal injury within the selected area (see enclosed plan). Which includes 1 serious and 25 slight injuries. 16 of these collisions involved vulnerable road users such as pedestrians.

Concerns were raised by the local residents, local ward member and Police regarding speeding and illegal vehicle access on the dual carriageway particularly at gap between central reservation and the pelican crossing which is dangerous to other motorists. Therefore, the Council has proposed measures to address these issues are given below.

It is envisaged that introducing traffic calming and regulatory measures which are designed to be self-enforcing - will create a safer environment for all road users and would reduce accidents. Thus, they would support National and Local Road casualty reduction targets.


September 17th, 2018 12:00


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