Twyford Abbey Road - Road Safety Scheme

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Added by Sylvia Gauthereau

The proposed improvements include:

 Refreshing the existing loading restrictions and the advisory cycling lanes in Abbey Road
to make them safer for cyclists and to prevent vehicles from parking on them
 Providing new mandatory cycling lanes in Rainsford Road to link the industrial area to the
existing Grand Union Cycling Route and to improve connectivity cycling lanes in the area
 Providing new vehicle activated LED electronic signs to slow traffic and improve safety, for
pedal cyclists and motorcycles
 Improving road safety at the junction of Twyford Abbey Road with Rainsford Road by
extending the existing raised table, narrowing the carriageway width and providing onfootway cycling lane. This will slow traffic turning speed at the junction and get cyclists out of
the way of heavy vehicles turning movement and hence improve safety for all road users
 Making crossing the road safer for vulnerable road users at the junction of Twyford
Abbey Road with Rainsford Road by providing a zebra crossing
 Providing new direction signs where necessary to guide cyclists and pedestrians
We will also take this opportunity to review all signs and street furniture to de-clutter and
improve the streetscape. The enclosed drawing provides details of the proposals.


March 28th, 2019 12:00


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